Choosing Between Divorce Mediation and Litigation in Arizona

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The Cost and Benefits of Divorce Mediation vs. Litigation in Arizona

Divorce is a difficult and emotional process, but it can be even more stressful when the parties involved choose to go to trial instead of trying mediation. With mediation, the focus is on achieving an agreement between the parties, with the help of a neutral third party, that both sides can accept. When parties choose to go to trial, they are at the mercy of a judge, who will make all decisions for them. This investigative article explores the cost and benefits of the two different options for divorce proceedings.

The Cost of Divorce Proceedings in Arizona

Any divorce proceeding in Arizona is subject to court fees and attorney fees, but the costs of mediation and litigation are quite different. In mediation, the parties are typically splitting the cost of the third-party mediator, and this cost can vary depending on the complexity of the case, the number of sessions, and the mediator’s hourly rate. In addition to this cost, each party may choose to have a lawyer review the proposed agreement. Often one lawyer will represent both parties in a mediation proceeding, but this is not always the case.

In litigation, the costs can be substantially higher. Court fees are often charged based on the amount of time spent on the case, and attorney fees are typically charged at an hourly rate, which is much higher than the mediator’s hourly rate. There may be multiple court hearings, each of which can add to the expense of the proceeding, and the parties may even need to pay for expert testimony, which can be quite high depending on the field of expertise required.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation offers benefits that go beyond cost savings. In mediation, both parties are encouraged to share their perspectives on the issues and to work together to find solutions that are mutually beneficial. This can result in a more positive long-term relationship between the parties, especially when children are involved.

Mediation also offers privacy benefits that are not available in litigation. In a litigated divorce proceeding, all documents and proceedings are a matter of public record. So, for example, if one of the parties owns a business, the details of that business will become part of the public record. In mediation, the details of the agreement are private.

The Benefits of Divorce Litigation

There are cases where litigation is the only option for resolving a dispute, including in cases where the safety of a party or child is a concern. When the parties cannot come to an agreement and one party refuses to cooperate, litigation is often the only option. In these cases, a judge can make decisions about all aspects of the divorce proceeding, including child custody, child support, alimony, and property division.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Divorce Process in Arizona

It is important to choose the right divorce process in Arizona, and what is right for one couple may not be right for another. Parties can choose which course to take by either agreeing to mediation or going to court. In court, a judge decides the outcome. In general, it is best to try mediation first, as anything that can be agreed upon in mediation tends to be more satisfactory to both parties. In addition, mediation is generally less expensive, while a trial can be time-consuming and costly. When the parties choose litigation, they give up control over the outcome, leaving that decision in the hands of the judge.

What You Need to Keep in Mind About Divorce Mediation vs. Litigation in Arizona

Before choosing any course of action, you should consult with an experienced divorce attorney who can help you weigh the pros and cons of your options and determine which course is right for you. No one knows your situation better than you, and no one can make the right decision for you but you. Mediation offers the chance to come to a mutually beneficial agreement, and this can reduce the stress for everyone involved. However, if the other party is uncooperative, or if safety is a concern, litigation may be the only option.

Whatever the decision, one thing is certain: divorce is a difficult process. It is important to go into this situation with open eyes, and to keep in mind that choosing the right course of action can make all the difference.

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